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  Familiar with the difficulties faced by Human Resource (HR) managers when it came to selecting the best candidate for a job or when deciding which employees would benefit most from training and development programs, the founders of Quantine came together to provide businesses with a solution.

At Quantine, we provide job-specific assessments that are tailored for the industry by the industry. That is why our assessments are authored from "best-of-breed" practices by industry veterans and institutions.

An online assessment platform that is coupled with an intuitive set of management tools delivers Quantine’s solution to our clients.

Our assessment tools include a benchmarking feature that enables businesses and HR professionals to compare assessment grades against industry averages. This simple yet useful feature helps answer important questions, such as - "How does your company’s talent pool measure up against the industry?" and "Are we about to hire the most competitive candidates from the industry?"

In an increasingly competitive business environment, Quantine helps assure that your company is employing and developing the right talents for that additional competitive advantage.
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